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Recourse and Non Recourse Factoring

Factoring is a means of getting a cash advance on payable invoices. There are two types of factoring agreements used by factors, Recourse Factoring and Non Recourse Factoring.

Recourse Factoring is the most common and most affordable factoring method. Recourse factoring allows the Factor “recourse” to come back to the Seller for payment in the event the debtor does not pay the invoice. The factoring company does not risk bad debt on behalf of your business. If your customer refuses to pay the invoice or a bankruptcy is filed, you the Seller must buy back the unpaid invoice plus pay all related factoring fees.
Since the factor is protected against the non-payment of invoices, recourse factoring agreements offer the lowest fees.  Generally after 90 days if the invoices have not been paid by the debtor the repayment process from the Seller begins.
Recourse Factoring

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Recourse Factoring has a number of benefits.

  • You get a better rate with recourse factoring because you assume most of the risk.
  • Easier to arrange recourse factoring
  • Less stringent rules about your financial systems and payment history of your customers
  • Opportunity to swap a new invoice of equal or greater value, for an invoice that has not been paid to the Factor.
  • Working cash flow for your business.

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Want a quick quote? Please click here to get a great rate.

Questions? Call us at 1 (877) 876 2803 now (toll free).

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