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Factoring Medical Receivables is the process by which a healthcare provider receives cash for their billings to third party payers. The third party payers can consist of insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. We can advance up to 80% of your estimated net receivables and eliminate the cash flow crunch that often plagues you as a healthcare provider. Healthcare providers can now finance medical accounts receivables and remove the cash flow gap caused by waiting for medical receivables to pay.

Our medical receivable factoring program is set up exclusively for the healthcare fields. This allows us to provide financial help combined with our expertise in this service industry. We understand that managing receivables is one of the greatest challenges facing the medical industry today. Our primary goal is to let our healthcare provider clients focus on what they do best while we keep the cash flowing. Its about time someone put together a program to finance slow paying medical receivables!

Medical FactoringWho Benefits from Medical Factoring?

• Small Hospitals and Medical Centers
• Sole Practice Physicians
• Nursing Homes
• Home Healthcare Companies
• Physical Therapy Companies
• Durable Medical Equipment Providers
• MRI Companies
• Radiology Centers
• Ambulance Services
• Laboratories

We can offer medical factoring services for healthcare providers whose funding needs range from $50,000 per month to over $100 million per month. We can provide a free analysis of your situation to determine if this financial solution can help your business. Let our quotes team eliminate the long wait between the time you provide a service and the time you get paid for it.

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Most of our clients have similar business issues. Many are fairly new (under 4 years old) and cannot obtain adequate bank financing. Others are looking for increased cash flow to provide operating funds for payroll, expansion and general working capital. In every case, we eliminated the 60 to 120 day wait by factoring their third party accounts receivable, which helped move our clients forward. Request a quote.

The Process

With our program, providers continue with their current billing and collections functions. We will facilitate an interface with your data processing system to gather all of your billing information. We then provide all remittance data to the provider for processing. Other than the funding process, our involvement is almost invisible and seamless.


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Want a quick quote? Please click here to get a great rate.

Call us now at 1 (877) 876 2803 (toll free).

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