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Factoring: speeding up cash flow by selling credit worthy accounts receivables.

International Factoring

Is your business operating on a global basis? Do your invoices take 30, 60 or longer to get paid? Whether your business is located in the USA, China, Europe, South America, Australia, or Africa we can normally provide an international factoring solution. Your business may also have customers spread across the world and we can still put together factoring programs to remove cash flow constraints brought on by international sales. We can offer non-recourse international invoice factoring that can allow your business to succeed within the international business climate. Often we can assume the risk on the receivable allowing your company to obtain insurance against bad debt while also getting the quick turning cash flow.
In the past smaller companies had a very difficult time trying to stay competitive on a global scale. Now, with the help of our international factoring programs small and medium size companies can offer flexible payment terms to customers globally without suffering the cash flow constraints typically associated with international sales.

Want a quick International factoring quote? Please click here to get a great factoring rate.  Questions? Call us at 1 (877) 876 2803 or 1-216-378-7858 now (toll free).

International Factoring Benefits:

  • Let your factor bear the risk of global customers.
  • Eliminate cash flow issues by getting immediate payment for your invoices and sales.
  • Pay your supplies quicker and possibly obtain quick pay discounts.
  • Increase sales by selling international.
  • Provide flexible payment terms to your global customers.

Global Factoring works as follows:

  • Your company provides the customer the goods/services as agreed upon.
  • The international invoice is then sold to the factoring company, who advances up to 85% of the total value.
  • After the factoring company is paid, the transaction is settled and the remaining 15% less a small fee is returned.

If your business could benefit from our international factoring program you may want to contact one of our financial consultants who can answer your questions and provide a free factoring quote at 1-877-876-2803 or 1-216-378-7858.


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