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Factoring Testimonials

We know that our customers can provide the best evidence that our factoring programs are among the best in the industry. Many of our new clients are referrals from our current customers.

This is what a few of our customers had to say:

“The factoring program that we moved forward with from Factoringquotes.com has changed the way we do business. We were a new company when we started the factoring program and could not afford to wait 45 days to get paid. Now we are able to grow at a rapid pace without Testimonialscash flow concerns.”

Nick Dill
Technical Staffing Company
Dallas, TX

“We looked at five different factoring companies and no one else could provide the rate structure and flexibility that Factoringquotes.com put together. They listened to our needs and built a solution that was custom fit for our company. The other factors were mostly concerned about their needs when it came down to the final terms of the deal.”

Tina Reed
Manufacturing Company
New York, NY

“Factoringquotes.com was willing to take on some risk that our bank said was not possible. Without accounts receivable funding from Factoringquotes.com we would not be were we are today.”

Jim Duncan
Trucking Company
Akron, OH

“We needed a 95% advance and factoringquotes.com delivered by providing a 96% advance on our freight bills. The higher advance allowed our company to take on additional projects.”

Rick Bishop
Skilled Labor Temporary Staffing Company
Boston, MA

“The factoring program from Factoringquotes.com has allowed us to reduce our raw material cost by 4% by paying our suppliers quicker. We are now able to fund our growth and we offset most of the cost with supplier quick pay discounts. Factoringquotes.com took the time to show us ways to utilize the cash flow to reduce overall cost.”

Anne Carnes
Steel Company
Pittsburgh, PA

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