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Cash Flow Factoring

More and more companies who are experiencing rapid growth use cash flow factoring as a means to help meet their financial obligations and still remain competitive. Did you know cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail? Cash Flow Factoring can help your business grow and avoid the pit falls of poor cash flow.

Factoring your receivables is one solution to help your business with cash flow. Invoice Factoring is unlike traditional bank financing, where the process for a loan can be difficult or sometimes impossible to receive, especially for a new company without a track record.  Cash Flow Factoring puts the funds directly in your account without the need tocreate an obligation like a loan which places debt on the balance sheet.

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 What is Cash Flow Factoring?

Cash Flow Factoring is the process by which your business sells its receivables to a factoring company and in exchange receives cash (minus a small discount fee).  You do not have to wait to receive payment for those invoices.  This leads to immediate cash flow for your business.
Factoring has been around for years and yet many business schools never touch upon this financial process that helps growing businesses prosper in today’s economy.  Millions of dollars are traded every year through the factoring process.  Many companies factor to generate cash, which can be used to purchase additional supplies, equipment, meet payroll or to be more competitive in the local and global economy.

If your business is growing at a faster rate than your cash flow, maybe it's time to explore an alternative solution like cash flow factoring.

Cash Flow Factoring can help your business:

  • Get immediate cash flow to meet your businesses obligations
  • Supply you with a continued source of working capital without incurring debt
  • Position your company to develop a portfolio of available financial resources

Factoring Quotes supplies your company with individualized customer service to help tailor our services to your needs.  We would like to put our many years of experience in the cash flow factoring business to work for you.   

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Questions? Call us at 1 (877) 876 2803 now (toll free).

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