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Accounts Receivables Factoring - get upfront cash quickly

In order to keep trucking businesses running, they need predictable cash flow. It is really difficult for a company to meet operating and maintenance costs when customer's delay payments. Our electronic freight bill factoring accounts receivables program could be the cash flow boost to take your company to the next level. A freight factoring company will provide instant cash, in as little as 24 hours, by buying a company's accounts receivables at a discount.

The invoice trucking factoring company saves your business from the cash crunch by unlocking some working capital that your clients owe you. Instead of waiting for a month or two of your customers for payment, you can sell invoices and enjoy the benefits of immediate cash. Many banks now offer account receivable financing, but often startup companies do not qualify for bank factoring programs. Invoice factoring can offer the best quick fix to cash flow problems for a business that sells to other businesses.

Cash is vital for any organization to grow, develop and be successful. In addition to boosting your credit worthiness in the market by purchasing your unpaid accounts receivables, freight factoring companies also enables you to grow your business, expand your sales and business credit with increased working capital.

Benefits of accounts receivables factoring
  • Easiest and quickest way to receive up to 95% of amount your customers owe you on open invoices
  • Funding on accounts receivables within 24 hours or less
  • Eliminating bad debt issues
  • Improved cash flow
  • No debt incurred when compared to a traditional loan
  • Immediate payment of invoices
Why does a company factor?

For trucking organizations, receiving instant cash on open invoices and freight bills is the primarily reason to opt for factoring as access to working capital is a top priority. Keeping cash on hand is important for businesses to grow faster. Businesses can also suffer a lot with seasonal demands and accounts receivables factoring could be helpful in these situations. By securing funds with invoice trucking factoring, a company can be prepared for the unavoidable cash issues that present themselves when offering customers payment terms. Turning to accounts receivable factoring may also provide an alternative to business owners who fail to secure a conventional bank loan.

All sorts of industries, namely manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters, trucking companies, and service providers can operate more effectively by using accounts receivables factoring.

Select a Category:

Small Business Funding - By factoring your small business receivables you will improve your cash flow. We buy accounts receivable invoices for cash.

Purchase Order Financing Services - Purchase order financing allows you to purchase certain materials and/or services needed to do business.

Construction Industry - Providing invoice factoring to construction companies.

Export Factoring - We offer export factoring programs and international trade financing solutions.

Cash Flow Solutions - More and more trucking companies who are experiencing rapid growth use cash flow factoring as a means to help meet their financial obligations and still remain competitive.

Medical Receivable Financing - is the process by which a healthcare provider receives cash for their billings to third party payors.

Freight Bill Cash Advances - We provide factoring programs in which your freight bills are purchased and we advance you the cash within 24 hours.

Recourse Invoice Funding - allows the Factor “recourse” to come back to the Seller for payment in the event the debtor does not pay the invoice.

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Our more than 10 years experience with providing account receivables financing solutions gives us pride to have helped over 2,000 customers with cash flow solutions. We have been serving our clients over years with flexible solutions on account receivables financing. The characteristics that make us best and distinguish us from the peers are:

  • No initial setup fees
  • No long term contracts
  • No nickel and dime fees
  • Low fee structures
  • Same day funding

In addition, we also provide you the instant credit information for your new customers at no additional cost. We also handle volume's of minimum $5,000 /month to maximum $30,000,000 / month.

Invoice submission process
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Our invoice submission process comprises overnight mail, fax, or scanned images. After that, we process the invoices and wire the appropriate amount to our clients existing bank account. We also provide a real-time, online access to view the status of each factored invoice. This simple process will not only allow you to get cash for your account receivable but also helps you to strengthen and manage the relationship with your customers.

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